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28 Oct 23


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21 Aug 23

Column Filter for all table view

It allows users to efficiently sort and analyze data by applying filters to all fields, including customized ones, present in the table view, providing a comprehensive and personalized data management experience.

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27 Jul 23

Date Filter in every Table View and Lead WorkBoard

We have introduced the Date Filter in our SalesTown CRM and which is now available in the following areas:
Leads Table View
Lead Workboard View
Seeding Section
Farming Section
Products Section
Person Section
Organization Section
Client Database Section
Activity Section

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💪 Now available

21 Jul 23

Search within Pipeline

It allows users to quickly find out the respective pipeline with a search within multiple Pipelines for easy access.

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💪 Now available

18 Jul 23

ST Mobile App ( Beta Version) with Sales CRM & Sales Field Tracker

Introducing the SalesTown CRM Mobile App( Beta Version) - Your complete sales management solution at your fingertips. Seamlessly combining all the powerful CRM features with Sales Field Tracking capabilities, this app empowers your sales team to thrive in a competitive landscape. From lead management and pipeline tracking to real-time sales insights and automation tools, SalesTown ensures you stay on top of your game. With Sales Field Tracking, monitor field activities, enhance team performance, and make data-driven decisions for unparalleled success. Streamline your sales processes, close more deals, and conquer the market with SalesTown Sales CRM Mobile App - the ultimate tool for sales excellence.

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